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How to teach XRumer 7 to new text captcha

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Those who read topic "How to teach Xrumer to new text captcha" – know that our software is able to pass such protection like “What is current year?”, “2+2=?” etc.

Who didn’t read this topic we recommend to read it:
In that topic is described how to train XRumer to new protections by editing textcapctha.txt. With release of version 7.07 this process becomes easiest. Also is created mechanism of collective teaching of text CAPTCHA. That means all results of training are stored on our server and after are distributed to all our customers. Due to this system success rate is increased.

What is need for?

To increase the success rate on trusted (non-spammed) recourses. Benefice and traffic from links from these recourses are much higher than from spammed

How to use it?

1. Before starting of first submitting, enable Self-Learning. Menu -> Self Learning -> System options

2. Start posting process. During the posting, the program will gather information about unknown fields and textual captcha for Sefl-Learning system. All information is stored in FieldsForAI\Log.txt. It’s recommended to not exceed 200Mb file size.

3. At the end of submitting, open Menu -> Self–learning -> Teaching to new text capctha:

First enter in this menu will lunch preliminary analysis of collected data. It may take a while. It will be created a new file with fields of textual captcha - - FieldsForAI\Log_tc.txt
4. Further, in same menu, it’s possible to consistently train to new protections, pointing how the program should pass specific protection.
(for convenience, this window can be expanded!)

- chose needed link in top table
- viewing the registration form (if it’s necessary to go ahead on next step of registration – press “I agree with rules”)
- if the program finds a reference to the framing phrase tags, it’s necessary to write response to a question
- if the response is unknown for software, press “Add”. As resulting, the program will complete this question correctly from now on, during the registration

Example of incorrect usage (don't make that mistakes!):

Please follow these simple rules.

What is the essence of collective teaching?

With the option “Send the results to Botmaster Labs server” you earn POINTS for each new rule added by you, with 100 earned points you’ll be able to download from our server latest textcaptcha.txt.
In future we have plans to offer money for most active “teachers”.


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