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New macros #trans and #notrans

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New macros #trans and #notrans



Since version 7.07 was added new macros - #trans … #notrans. This macros will translate selected text to language of site where posting is made.

What is need for?

+ To increase targeting of posting text
+ Do decrease % of deleted topics
+ To increase success rate

How to use this macros?

Just mark selected text with #trans and #notrans macros.


#trans download for free #notrans  XRumer 7 Elite

on English sites will be translated as:
"download for free XRumer 7 Elite"
on Russian:
"скачать бесплатно XRumer 7 Elite"
on French:
"telecharger gratuitement XRumer 7 Elite"
on Japanese:
"無料でダウンロード XRumer 7 Elite"

In which fields can be used the macros?

In any field, in any variation or macros.
But! This macros CANNOT be used in: Nickname, password, email fields.


Example of incorrect usage of this macros:

#trans buy #notrans viagra – INCORRECT, because it’s recommended to use at least 2 words (if it’s “common” words)
{#trans buy|purchase|get} #notrans tramadol – INCORRECT, because it’s used wrong variation syntax.

How to check work of macros before posting?

In window of Project editing press “Test”. In field : Domain: next to Test button should change domain zone to needed one. Example: to translate on Japan should be “domain.jp”:

ATTENTION! This macros uses for translation Google Translate service, that can be closed since December 2011. After this, we will find alternative way to translate. Many services of translate offer access to their API.


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