03 01 2017

NEW XRUMER 16 + XEvil is OUT!

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CLICK HERE TO BUY XRUMER 16 + SocPlugin (Facebook) + Hrefer + Xevil (Unique OCR tool) 



What changes helped to increase the efficiency of software?

  1. New tool – Xevil

A totally new OCR – system for captcha recognition.
This new program will become a part of XRumer 16.0 and significantly will increase the opportunities to bypass anti-bot protections.
Just a simple compare:

XRumer 12 is decoding more 400 types of captcha
XRumer 16 + XEvil is decoding more 8000 types of captcha (link to HTML report with examples)

XEvil is developed using same concept that we are following at development of XRumer 2017 Revolution:

simplicity – even an amateur can work with.
high performance -more than hundred decoded images in second on Intel i5 processor.
flexibility – for coding was used Lua, that allow to change program in future for any needs.

The potential of this program is huge and the work on it is continuing. It’s planned to increase results in January – February up to 15.000 types of captcha.
It’s pretty clear even now that this software exceeds the opportunities of any other analogical software on the market.

  1. New technology – IntelliForm

This technology is updated logic for decoding of fields and forms)
If captcha is decoded – this is a half of way to get work done. It’s need also to fill the field. This problem persist in XRumer, but in version 16.0 it was possible to solve.
New algorithm analyze all information around the field – encircling text, tags, parameters of tags etc. and it’s not matter in what language the site is.

IntelliForm with high probability decode unknown field and fulfill it with necessary information. Also, this updated technology is decoding arithmetical anti-bot protection, JS-protections, CSS-protection and honeypot.

  1. Additional +6000 types of textual captcha

(not to confuse with graphical captcha)
Database is updated with answers to anti-bot questions from trusted forums.

22 12 2015

Tutorials of XRumer made for contest

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We are posting here the topics received from our (Mostly Russian) customers who participate in the contest.
you can easy use https://translate.google.com/to translate from Russian to your native language those articles, they will be thery useful for all current and future XRumer users

04 02 2015

Revolution in natural building backlinks!

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Many SEO – experts knows,
backlinks still plays an important role in SEO,
in special backlinks from most trusted (with High PR) resourses,
which are highly ranked by search engine, and search engine spiders often visit those sites, this mean that any link placed on them are fast indexed and begin to bring benefits to you.

Revolution in natural building backlinks!

04 02 2015

List of changes in new version XRumer 12.0.9

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List of changes in new version XRumer 12.0.9

+ by adding to the database more than 58,000 new text captchas, the success rate was increased several times in trusted recourses (it’s recommended to use the database TrustedLinksChecked.txt)
+ Improved decoding of ReCapctha (lowed the possibility to be banned by service)

+ Updated x_user_agent.txt
+ Corrected xas.txt
+ Improved xas_near.txt
+ In this regard, in report file was added information about using xas_near.txt
+ Realized check for critical files of program
+ Notice of connection problem to emailbox was adjusted.
+ Improved processing of captcha in last version of IPB
+ Improved PICTOTRY processing at redirect
+ Implemented ignore of redirects the links that contains "=noscript"

16 10 2010

Release of New Hrefer 3.1

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Hrefer 3.0
- New function of creating of new/empty database of Words Database – button “Create new!”
- Expanded the option of parsing, anonymity, interface
- The possibility of parsing simultaneously several search engines was added
- Parsing of Google was fixed and improved
- In debug mode (the number of threads = 1) logs are stored now separately for each query and each page
- Statistic in the "Words Database" tab is displayed in real time, during the parsing
- The procedure to save the new link to the database is optimized
- The option for filtering of duplicates proxies/SOCKS was added.
- Added support of masks type [...]part_of_link[...] for setting NextPage
- Was added the parameter RemoveLinks for deleting links from content that interfere in correct parsing
- Saving of option "Reject domains with level lower than 2" was fixed
- Usage of SOCKS is fixed
- Collecting of words, when enabled SOCKS is fixed
- Parsing of Google Mobile is fixed
- PR checking is improved
- Changing to next page at parsing Bing was fixed
- System of auto update in menu “Help->Check for updates” was added
- Parsing of Altavista was fixed (this search engine was bought by Yahoo)
- Added 2 different modes of simultaneous parsing of multiple search engines.
- For Google parsing was added the possibility to sort the results by time : “Past day”, “Past week” etc
- Updated googlehost.txt

Hrefer 3.1
- removed the limit of collecting 10.000 proxy / SOCKS
- parsing of Blogs.Yandex was added
- maximal number of threads was increased from 500 to 1000 (but we don’t recommend to set the maximum number of threads)
- the work with banned proxies was improved
- some options of processing threads was optimized

Hrefer i'ts a scrapper and it comes free with Xrumer

Buy Xrumer Here
24 02 2010

How to use Xrumer for whitehat SEO

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A lot of people buy Xrumer and have no idea how to use it.

I have been using Xrumer on my whitehat websites for a couple of months and I?ve achieved very good rankings and PR from completely new websites. A lot of them went from completely new websites to PR3-5 (They have a few thousand backlinks each). Some of them even started to rank for competitive keywords and bring me a nice income (While some of them are still sandboxed, you can?t win everytime).

All of this is completely legit and will never get you banned from Google. Those sites will last years and bring me passive income which is what I?m aiming for.

The first step will be to build a nice base of backlinks with relevant anchor text. From 500-3000 backlinks is good (10 000+ if you want to rank for something very competitive but I don?t recommend going into such markets with new sites). You can use any whitehat method to build those backlinks but do not use Xrumer itself. Use directory submissions, forum signatures and profiles, article submissions, Web 2.0 sites, etc. If you want to get the best links, spy on your competition and get the same kind of links as them.

Once you have a good amount of backlinks, use Google or Bing?s webmaster tool to export and save all those backlinks into a spreadsheet. You can also use the query ?linkdomain:example.org -site:example.org? on Yahoo and save the results using the Firefox addon SEO for Firefox. If you have a list of some of your backlinks that are not even indexed yet that is even better. Just to be clear, those are a list of the links going to YOUR site (Your backlinks).

Then use Hrefer (It comes with Xrumer) to gather a good list of websites to spam. Then start spamming and put all of your backlinks list that you gathered earlier in rotation. Example: {http://url1.com|http://url2.com|http://url3.com|etc.}

Don?t use anchor text for those (Use anchor text on your real links, those are only links to your links, not directly to your website).

Do not post more than one link per post because otherwise you will link them with each other which makes it detectable by Google.

You can use any kind of content for the posts but make sure they are VERY spinned (Use lots of keyword tokens such as {hello|hi|good morning|etc.}.

Use a text editor like Excel and Editplus to place all the urls in the right format without it taking hours. Use the ?join line? function and the ?replace all? function.

That?s it. In a couple of months you?ll start getting good PR and good rankings. This strategy will not get you banned, a bad reputation nor will give you any penalty on Google.
29 10 2009

How to Find a Profitable Niche

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Having a profitable niche is key to success, not only are you looking for a keyword with traffic, but you’re looking for a keyword with value. By value, I mean money is being spent in the niche. If money is not being spent by businesses, customers, and advertisers; then there is no money to be made. There are multiple methods to judge the value of the niche and as you get more advanced you start to have a “feeling” about keywords and customer intent. If you’re new to internet marketing, and looking for a niche topic, the wisdom is not there to help you select a niche. In that case, there is a very simple methodology that you can use to find a valuable keyword.

The simplest method is to use advertising data from Google Adwords. They provide you with the CPC an advertiser is willing to spend and the volume of searches. This simple price and demand data gives you a reasonable estimate of a niche’s “worth”. Of course, this is not 100% accurate, since no keyword tool is. This is an estimate, but Google provide solid data.