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14 09 2009

Links database filter

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In fact, this tool is very easy to use and it is detailed described in help file. But I’ll try to make it more detailed with screenshots and examples. So it will be more easily and more effectively to use this tool.

I’ll begin with a little introduction then I’ll give 3 examples:
  1. How to select from LinksList id*.txt database only those links that are in “Success” report?
    it means: How to clear default database that as result it will contain only working links.
  2. How to delete from database all URLs which contain link to feedback.
    So it means: How to delete potential abusive and practically useless links from database.
  3. How to delete from “Success” report all links which contains “nofollow is found”


This tool can filter by 2 (two) methods:

1) Using second database as filter (with 2 options “are present in filter database” and “are NOT present in filter database”
2) Using words or phrases as filter.

Using second database as filter

To use this method you need to enable this option:


Xrumer 5.0 - Links database filter
04 09 2009

XRumer 5.09 Palladium "Atispam" system

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About "Antispam" - system

To all, who prefers THE CLEVER, THOUGHT-OUT distribution - which in the final analysis gives maximum effect, the creators of XRumer Palladium present the new unique system, which is inculcated in XRumer of the 5th version.

It is intended, in essence, for "white" and "gray" Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since XRumer 5.0 will recognize the protection of the last versions of the most popular forums - this system is most urgent.

I will describe in the form question - answer.

Why this is necessary generally?

1. So that your posts 100% assuredly would remain even on the strictly moderated forums themselves, bringing the maximum of the traffic.
2. So there would be no need to use the HTTP-proxy and SOCKS, which can reduce the impact of spam in a few times and reduce the speed of spam
3. So that there would be no danger to lose the untwisted site because of the complaints on to spam.

Wow! It`s nice. And how does it work?

Program creates posts on the forums, without differing from their thematics. If forum is dedicated to games - program will write about CS and Fallout (for example), if on the forum they associate about the construction of nuclear reactor - it will write anything about the nuclear reactor. This makes it possible to make the commentaries maximally of tenacious..

How the program will know what to write?

1. Collection and analysis data from the forums in the base. Naturally, bases are here necessary specially prepared (this all we ensure)
2. Register and activates the user on all of these forums
3. Gradually is collected post by these users in the regime of "from previously registered user" as follows:

* go to random/priority division of the forum
* select any topic in forum
* search in our base any SIMILAR topi? from any ANOTHER forum
* search in that topic a maximally relevant post (on the contents)
* send this post into selected topi?
* if we relevant post not found, then XRumer writes the phrase, which can be answer practically in any of topi? (such phrases in the program - several thousand, in several languages)

When the registered users is collected the specific number of posts (on default=5), can add your links to posts, and also prescribe links in the profile. (As is known, on the very-very popular forums of links it is possible to place only after the collection of the specific number of posts)

You can continue process on infinitely. Increase unlimited traffic, and increase the number of a good natural backlinks. Simply stated XRumer - acts itself as usual person, talk on the forums and gradually collecting posts under one and the same account. The possibility to edit profile and to upload avatar was also created for the system of "Antispam"

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04 09 2009

Video of posing process of Xrumer

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Video of posting process of XRumer 5 Palladium To 100k or Millions Of Forums Blogs!!!


02 09 2009

XRumer 5.09 Palladium

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Change lis of XRumer 5.09 Palladium

+ Added new AntiSpam System!!!
+ The program is taught to new graphic captcha and more than 550 new text captcha;
+ Gmail registration is fixed;
+ Databases are updated;

+ Xrumer is taught to register on new engines DLE, Ukoz, d_symb, mambook, Bitrix, Xaraya and other without name;
+ ManualDecaptcha is worked out;
+ In debug mode was added FormFields, where XRumer reports about filling the fields;
+ Success rate is increased on php-Nuke, SMF sites;
+ Checking for active links option was worked out;
+ The bug at opening the file xas_AI.txt was fixed;
+ Increase the success rate at posting in the database RLinksList (Question-Answer System)
+ Mass-PM function was worked out and increased the success posting;
+ New 2 services for decoding capctha (anti-aptcha.com, captchabot.com) was added. Success rate is much bigger with this service;
+ Posting in blogs Drupal is added. It’s recommended to use Gmail email account;
+ Activation links via email is worked out and improved;
+ Implemented the control of file syntax of xurl.txt;
+ Interface is worked out;
+ Posting on WIKI is improved; the posting is made in section “Discussion”;
+ In “Links database analysis” was added the option to gather links on topics with reply to your posts; search of replies can be made with #gennick;
+ Improved monitoring of automatically email activation;
+ Report of submitting in “Registering only” mode is improved; Success rate is increased in this mode;
+ Stability of work is improved;
+ Proxy/SOCKS checking script on Botmaster's server is fixed;
+ If email registration was unsuccessful the software will save a report so you’ll be able to determine the cause of failure;
+ The logic of parsing of content was corrected;
+ Processing of redirection is improved;
+ The help file is updated;


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