07 08 2011

Rules for Contest of Tutorials

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Rules for Contest of Tutorials1st place = $5.000
2nd place = $2.500
3rd place = $1.200
4 place = $500
5 place = $200
6 place = $100
7 place = $50

+ an extra-bonus for delivery of materials ahead of time.

How to calculate the bonus: number of days till (October, 7) x USD 2.

That means if you will send today the materials by email to botmaster@ymail.com with subject name “XRumer Contest”, and if your article will be accepted, you are guaranteed to receive 121 USD (even if you will not win a prize)
This bonus receive ALL participants (if your material will be accepted)


# The article should be posted on your site/blog and should be not deleted till contest will be finished
# The article should content at least 1000 words (it easy to count in MSWord)
# The information should be unique and never posted before
# Article should be made special for this contest and must contain unique, up to date information about XRumer and SEO methods (out of date information will not be accepted)
# Link to BotmasterLabs.Net site as organizer of this contest should be placed in article
# Article should contain at least 3 screenshots
# Information should be only about our latest version of XRumer 7 Elite and Hrefer 3
# Also it can describe additional tools (mods) which you are using in combination with our software
# Obligatorily article should contain a video tutorial in HD format. About this you can read next

Content of your Video in Article

The content of article will be most important factor to make our decision about winner.

For example: if will be an article about Parsing of Google by Hrefer. And the topic will be executed perfectly, with felling; with a perfect arrangement (video will be with high definition (HD quality)); voiced clearly. And will be another video-presentation with new tips and early unknown opportunities of XRumer 7.0 work with good video quality (HD quality), and theme will be quite detailed and clearly revealed and most important – UP TO DATE! In this case the second video will get higher appreciation.

Video-presentation should begin with brief prologue about content of video, and must be with HIGH Resolution (HD Quality) in YouTube AVI format.

Your presentation must contain textual and linguistic information. Textual information may be as subtitles, notes or any other similar text inserted in your presentation. Voiced presentation should sound clearly without noises or cough, cry, baby cry, barking dog, a song of your friends sitting next to you etc. Information in your presentation should be in English.

All your presentations should be sent to botmaster@ymail.com, subject of email: "XRumer contest". In email do not forget to add your username from BotmasterLabs.Net site and your paypal email for reward.



07 07 2011

Contest of tutorials

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1st place – USD 5500
2nd place – USD 2500
3rd place – USD 1200

4 place – USD 500
5 place – USD 200
6 place – USD 100

Info from BotmasterLabs:
We begin a contest of tutorial articles to help you to discover more opportunities of usage of XRumer software, as well as to earn extra money.
The contest begins on July 10, 2011 and will finish on September 1, 2011. It is enough time to receive a lot of topics for contest. Meanwhile, it will appear topics about new versions of XRumer and Hrefer. The most important fact is to use advanced and actualized information and about latest version of software.
The aim of this contest is to discover new opportunities of usage of our programs Xrumer 7.0 Elite and Hrefer. Also to improve skills of our customers.

Start of contest: July 10, 2011
Finish of contest: September 1, 2011