22 12 2010

Basic Profile Posting

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In this tutorial I will show you how to build profile only links. This is a very basic tutorial for all the noobies out there so please dont flame the post.

In this tutorial I will be using the default LinkList (LinksList id1.txt) for demonstration purposes only. I never use the default list as they are heavy spammed and in my option do not add any value in terms of long term success of your link building campaigns. Always harvest your own link list!

Ok, lets get started

Open up Xrumer, and then click on Project --> New

Now lets start filling out our project settings.

When doing profile only blasts it's important to make each profile unique. If your posts (profiles) are not unique that it opens a massive footprint that Google can see and in my experience treat your links with much less weight.

Nick: Xrumer#random[a..z] - this will create usernames such as Xrumera, Xrumerb, Xrumerc, etc. You can also use the {|} method for usernames as well such as {XrumerMike|XrumerTed|XrumerSteve}. You can combine the two like this;


There are a million other way to slice and dice this, but this will get us started.

Pass: Put whatever password you like here. Just keep in mind that some forums require you to meet certain complexity standards. So usually I make a password like: password1

Real Name: This will auto generate when entering your nick and for the most part can be left alone.

Homepage: This is where you will enter your links. This will show up in the profile as just links with no anchor. You can enter just one link here or rotate them like {http://homepage.com|http://homepage.com/deeplink.html|http://homepage2.com} or you can store your links in a .txt file (one per line) and call it like this;


ICQ: I normally use a random 9 digit number starting with 5 you can do that like this;


which would give you a number like this; 543631115

City: Here I just pull a random city from a .txt file. Just like links you can add a city (one per line) in a .txt file and call it like this;


Country: I normally just use;

{USA|US|United States|Canada|CA}

Area Of Work & Hobbies
I point a lot of fields in the Xrumer AI (self learning) to use these fields. You may notice a lot of forums have addition (custom profile fields) where you can enter your own text in. I love these fields as it gives me an opportunity to stuff relevant keywords into the profiles Xrumer is creating.

Normally I split these up. Let's say im promoting the Xrumer 7Xrumer 7Xrumer 7Xrumer 7Xrumer 7Xrumer 7.info site. I would create two text files; one with my primary keywords, and the other with secondary keywords.

List 1 might look like this;
xrumer forums
xrumer tutorials

List 2 might look like;
link building

I usually use the Google keyword tool to generate these lists. Once you have your lists you can use the {|} to enter them into these fields or you can call from a .txt file like this:


Signature: This is where you can put your anchor text.
If you are promoting only one url you can enter something likethis;

{xrumer|xrumer forums|xrumer tutorials}

the above will rotate the following; xrumer, xrumer forums, xrumer tutorials
If you wanted to add some of your primary keywords before your anchor link you could do someting like this;
[code:25maoq1k]#file_links[C:\primarykeyword.txt,1,L] {xrumer|xrumer forums|xrumer tutorials}[/code]

Email Settings
There are pretty self explanatory. Just fill in the basic info. There are some other tutorials around the fourms that explain the mail settings in more detail.

The rest of the fields you can fill in with whatever you like (xrumer will not allow them to be empty) as they will serve no relevance to your profile post

Once your all done save your work.
Now we need to get xrumer ready for profile only post. To do this we go to;
-Registering w/o posting
-Check for active links
-Edit profile after register
-If BBcode on

click save. Now your ready to start posting.

Select your link list and click start
Options --> Advanced Options
24 02 2010

How to use Xrumer for whitehat SEO

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A lot of people buy Xrumer and have no idea how to use it.

I have been using Xrumer on my whitehat websites for a couple of months and I?ve achieved very good rankings and PR from completely new websites. A lot of them went from completely new websites to PR3-5 (They have a few thousand backlinks each). Some of them even started to rank for competitive keywords and bring me a nice income (While some of them are still sandboxed, you can?t win everytime).

All of this is completely legit and will never get you banned from Google. Those sites will last years and bring me passive income which is what I?m aiming for.

The first step will be to build a nice base of backlinks with relevant anchor text. From 500-3000 backlinks is good (10 000+ if you want to rank for something very competitive but I don?t recommend going into such markets with new sites). You can use any whitehat method to build those backlinks but do not use Xrumer itself. Use directory submissions, forum signatures and profiles, article submissions, Web 2.0 sites, etc. If you want to get the best links, spy on your competition and get the same kind of links as them.

Once you have a good amount of backlinks, use Google or Bing?s webmaster tool to export and save all those backlinks into a spreadsheet. You can also use the query ?linkdomain:example.org -site:example.org? on Yahoo and save the results using the Firefox addon SEO for Firefox. If you have a list of some of your backlinks that are not even indexed yet that is even better. Just to be clear, those are a list of the links going to YOUR site (Your backlinks).

Then use Hrefer (It comes with Xrumer) to gather a good list of websites to spam. Then start spamming and put all of your backlinks list that you gathered earlier in rotation. Example: {http://url1.com|http://url2.com|http://url3.com|etc.}

Don?t use anchor text for those (Use anchor text on your real links, those are only links to your links, not directly to your website).

Do not post more than one link per post because otherwise you will link them with each other which makes it detectable by Google.

You can use any kind of content for the posts but make sure they are VERY spinned (Use lots of keyword tokens such as {hello|hi|good morning|etc.}.

Use a text editor like Excel and Editplus to place all the urls in the right format without it taking hours. Use the ?join line? function and the ?replace all? function.

That?s it. In a couple of months you?ll start getting good PR and good rankings. This strategy will not get you banned, a bad reputation nor will give you any penalty on Google.
07 01 2010

XRumer and Hrefer help file

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Help file of new Hrefer:
hrefer_help.exe [1.3 Mb] (Count: 528)

Help file of XRumer:
xrumer_help.pdf [1.52 Mb] (Count: 774)

Now you can read about XRumer and Hrefer!
29 10 2009

How to Find a Profitable Niche

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Having a profitable niche is key to success, not only are you looking for a keyword with traffic, but you’re looking for a keyword with value. By value, I mean money is being spent in the niche. If money is not being spent by businesses, customers, and advertisers; then there is no money to be made. There are multiple methods to judge the value of the niche and as you get more advanced you start to have a “feeling” about keywords and customer intent. If you’re new to internet marketing, and looking for a niche topic, the wisdom is not there to help you select a niche. In that case, there is a very simple methodology that you can use to find a valuable keyword.

The simplest method is to use advertising data from Google Adwords. They provide you with the CPC an advertiser is willing to spend and the volume of searches. This simple price and demand data gives you a reasonable estimate of a niche’s “worth”. Of course, this is not 100% accurate, since no keyword tool is. This is an estimate, but Google provide solid data.
29 10 2009

SEO Footprints

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If you’re serious about SEO, you need to spend some time learning about footprints, how to not leave them, and how to detect them. A SEO footprint is the imprint you leave on the internet that can be used to trace your activity through various sites. It can be used to locate multiple accounts and multiple sites you own. If you’re an SEO tech, this is important. A footprint is an obvious sign of search engine manipulation and can be used to by Google or competition to rip apart your network.
So How Are Footprints Created?

Basically, not enough variety. No creativity. Being lazy.

Do you use the same theme on several sites you own? Do you have the same link in the footer on every site? Use the same anchor text or wording on every site? Do you get links in the same places for all of your sites? All of your sites on the same server? All sites have open WHOIS?

Starting to get the point? All of that kind of stuff can be detected by a smart SEO tech. I might backtrack your links and notice you’re getting sitewide links on 20 different sites with the same anchor text. I check them out and they’re all BANS or all Wordpress or all directories. A quick IP check shows that they’re on the same server. I check out the WHOIS and they have the same owner … And I’ve busted their network. I look for a pattern they use, then do a search on that pattern. If I can do this, you can bet Google can too, especially if they’re tipped off.
14 09 2009

Links database filter

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In fact, this tool is very easy to use and it is detailed described in help file. But I’ll try to make it more detailed with screenshots and examples. So it will be more easily and more effectively to use this tool.

I’ll begin with a little introduction then I’ll give 3 examples:
  1. How to select from LinksList id*.txt database only those links that are in “Success” report?
    it means: How to clear default database that as result it will contain only working links.
  2. How to delete from database all URLs which contain link to feedback.
    So it means: How to delete potential abusive and practically useless links from database.
  3. How to delete from “Success” report all links which contains “nofollow is found”


This tool can filter by 2 (two) methods:

1) Using second database as filter (with 2 options “are present in filter database” and “are NOT present in filter database”
2) Using words or phrases as filter.

Using second database as filter

To use this method you need to enable this option:


Xrumer 5.0 - Links database filter