29 10 2009

Free Keyword Research Tools

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Keywords are the words users enter when performing a search. Understanding how people search and what phrases they use to search is an important part of SEO. There are services that track search data and use the data to provide estimations of search volume. This information can be used to find keywords that are actually searched and to compare search volumes between two keywords.

Keyword research provides a more efficient way to write copy for a website. If you randomly think of keywords, you have no idea how much the keyword is searched or how high the competition is for that keyword. The best approach is to research keywords and the competition for that keyword and make an informed choice on the keywords you’re going to target.
04 09 2009

Video of posing process of Xrumer

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Video of posting process of XRumer 5 Palladium To 100k or Millions Of Forums Blogs!!!


02 09 2009

XRumer 5.09 Palladium

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Change lis of XRumer 5.09 Palladium

+ Added new AntiSpam System!!!
+ The program is taught to new graphic captcha and more than 550 new text captcha;
+ Gmail registration is fixed;
+ Databases are updated;

+ Xrumer is taught to register on new engines DLE, Ukoz, d_symb, mambook, Bitrix, Xaraya and other without name;
+ ManualDecaptcha is worked out;
+ In debug mode was added FormFields, where XRumer reports about filling the fields;
+ Success rate is increased on php-Nuke, SMF sites;
+ Checking for active links option was worked out;
+ The bug at opening the file xas_AI.txt was fixed;
+ Increase the success rate at posting in the database RLinksList (Question-Answer System)
+ Mass-PM function was worked out and increased the success posting;
+ New 2 services for decoding capctha (anti-aptcha.com, captchabot.com) was added. Success rate is much bigger with this service;
+ Posting in blogs Drupal is added. It’s recommended to use Gmail email account;
+ Activation links via email is worked out and improved;
+ Implemented the control of file syntax of xurl.txt;
+ Interface is worked out;
+ Posting on WIKI is improved; the posting is made in section “Discussion”;
+ In “Links database analysis” was added the option to gather links on topics with reply to your posts; search of replies can be made with #gennick;
+ Improved monitoring of automatically email activation;
+ Report of submitting in “Registering only” mode is improved; Success rate is increased in this mode;
+ Stability of work is improved;
+ Proxy/SOCKS checking script on Botmaster's server is fixed;
+ If email registration was unsuccessful the software will save a report so you’ll be able to determine the cause of failure;
+ The logic of parsing of content was corrected;
+ Processing of redirection is improved;
+ The help file is updated;


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