03 08 2011

How to teach XRumer 7 to new text captcha

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Those who read topic "How to teach Xrumer to new text captcha" – know that our software is able to pass such protection like “What is current year?”, “2+2=?” etc.

Who didn’t read this topic we recommend to read it:
In that topic is described how to train XRumer to new protections by editing textcapctha.txt. With release of version 7.07 this process becomes easiest. Also is created mechanism of collective teaching of text CAPTCHA. That means all results of training are stored on our server and after are distributed to all our customers. Due to this system success rate is increased.

03 08 2011

New macros #trans and #notrans

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Since version 7.07 was added new macros - #trans … #notrans. This macros will translate selected text to language of site where posting is made.

What is need for?

+ To increase targeting of posting text
+ Do decrease % of deleted topics
+ To increase success rate

How to use this macros?

Just mark selected text with #trans and #notrans macros.