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14 09 2009

Links database filter

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In fact, this tool is very easy to use and it is detailed described in help file. But I’ll try to make it more detailed with screenshots and examples. So it will be more easily and more effectively to use this tool.

I’ll begin with a little introduction then I’ll give 3 examples:
  1. How to select from LinksList id*.txt database only those links that are in “Success” report?
    it means: How to clear default database that as result it will contain only working links.
  2. How to delete from database all URLs which contain link to feedback.
    So it means: How to delete potential abusive and practically useless links from database.
  3. How to delete from “Success” report all links which contains “nofollow is found”


This tool can filter by 2 (two) methods:

1) Using second database as filter (with 2 options “are present in filter database” and “are NOT present in filter database”
2) Using words or phrases as filter.

Using second database as filter

To use this method you need to enable this option:


Xrumer 5.0 - Links database filter