16 10 2010

Release of New Hrefer 3.1

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Hrefer 3.0
- New function of creating of new/empty database of Words Database button Create new!
- Expanded the option of parsing, anonymity, interface
- The possibility of parsing simultaneously several search engines was added
- Parsing of Google was fixed and improved
- In debug mode (the number of threads = 1) logs are stored now separately for each query and each page
- Statistic in the "Words Database" tab is displayed in real time, during the parsing
- The procedure to save the new link to the database is optimized
- The option for filtering of duplicates proxies/SOCKS was added.
- Added support of masks type [...]part_of_link[...] for setting NextPage
- Was added the parameter RemoveLinks for deleting links from content that interfere in correct parsing
- Saving of option "Reject domains with level lower than 2" was fixed
- Usage of SOCKS is fixed
- Collecting of words, when enabled SOCKS is fixed
- Parsing of Google Mobile is fixed
- PR checking is improved
- Changing to next page at parsing Bing was fixed
- System of auto update in menu Help->Check for updates was added
- Parsing of Altavista was fixed (this search engine was bought by Yahoo)
- Added 2 different modes of simultaneous parsing of multiple search engines.
- For Google parsing was added the possibility to sort the results by time : Past day, Past week etc
- Updated googlehost.txt

Hrefer 3.1
- removed the limit of collecting 10.000 proxy / SOCKS
- parsing of Blogs.Yandex was added
- maximal number of threads was increased from 500 to 1000 (but we dont recommend to set the maximum number of threads)
- the work with banned proxies was improved
- some options of processing threads was optimized

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07 01 2010

New Xrumer 5.0.12 and Hrefer 2.99

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List of changes:
+ New recognition technology was developed for graphic captcha, that will facilitate the recognition of ReCaptcha etc.
+ Program will automatically register email boxes on Yandex.Ru and Rambler.Ru
+ Program is trained to recognize 50 text captcha
+ Adjusted the processing of engines like: SLAED (registration, editing of profiles) and Drupal
+ The quantity of content harvested by system "AntiSpam" is increased
+ Following bugs in "AntiSpam" systems was fixed:

the bug with turning off the system
bug with disconnecting neutral phrases
bug with the response to "Last post"

+ The file with detailed logs of parsed links in Debug mode: Debug \ URLs_Detailed.txt
+ Set a report of processed forums: Logs \ Spammed id *. txt - it's created during the process of collecting content for "AntiSpam" system (nodes.txt)
+ Now the debug log "poplogs.txt" is not created by default
+ Following changes in manual-mode was added:

clickable links on the pictures is implemented
now to disable sounds is possible
finally the bug with hanging of software in manual mode at 430th captcha is fixed

+ The processing of engine phpBB3 is corrected
+ The selection of category in forum in accordance with the list of priority categories was corrected. If the category is wrote between quotes the software will look into the forum for exact match.
+ The algorithm for downloading activation links is improved
+ Handling of forums in German is improved
+ The grabbing of content in the mask reports is implemented, defined in the new file xgrab.txt
+ The bug with "[not translated]" in interface of XRumer is fixed.
+ Improved the work with Ukoz, realized editing of profiles in Ukoz.
+ Success rate of checking of active links was improved (CheckForActiveLink = 1 in xuser.ini)
+ Fixed uploading of avatars to phpBB3 and other engines.
+ Fixed detection of popularity of categories on the forums.
+ Program was trained to pass complicated Java-protection on MyBB engine.
+ Scheduler was improved. In the scheduler table was added opportunity to "drag & drop" tasks.
+ Support of HTTPS-protocol was realized.
+ Updated auto-registration on Mail.ru and Rambler.Ru
+ Field "Signature" in project editing window now can contain multiple lines.
+ Realized the possibility of using variation system in email fields from project editing window (login, password, pop-server).
+ Improved Aggressive posting mode, but the speed of posting now can be a little slower.
+ XRumer trained to bypass the protection of "I'm not a Robot" on WP engine.
+ At problems with internet connection, XRumer will pause posting process.
+ Improved recognition of ReCaptcha.
+ Max. quantity of priority categories was increased from 100 to 200
+ Work with forums and profile editing was improved.
+ Work with Invision Power Board (U) v1.3 was improved.
+ Success rate of posting to several forum engines was improved.
+ Was made many improvements of Mass-PM:
1. If the user has setup to not accept PM's then XRumer will skip this user.
2. Parsing of user lists was improved.
3. Increased speed of sending PMs
4. XRumer was trained to new engine: SMF (Simple Machines Forum)
5. Captcha recognition on MassPM was improved.
6. Fixed report of "links to Profiles".
7. Implemented caching of usernames lists from forums - the cache is stored in "MassPM" folder.
8. XRumer can bypass extra protection for sending PMs.
+ Fixed bug with CAPTCHAs, which contain redirect.
+ XRumer trained to post comments to the PHP-Fusion engine.
+ Added possibility to change email at registration on forums if initial email was banned.
+ XRumer trained in the new engine on ASPX, footprint: inurl: CreateUser.aspx? ReturnUrl =
+ XRumer trained to post comments on Blogger.com.
+ Improved analysis of the texts next to the fields, to detect these fields (but this may increase usage of CPU)
+ Added macro #subject - quote in the message text of subject header.
+ Improved work with DLE engine.
+ XRumer trained to bypass Java-protection for posting comments on Joomla
+ Added option to try to recognize unknown captchas, even if XRumer was not trained to recognize them (CheckUnknownCaptchas xuser.ini)
+Added possibility to variate parameters of Emails at activation of emails in manual mode.
+Added system of auto-correction of signatures if BBcode in signature filed is not working.
+XRumer was trained to bypass text captchas with random generated names of reply fields.
+ Fixed some small bugs and improved interface of XRumer.
+ Help file was updated.
03 09 2009

Captchas recognized by XRumer

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XRumer 5.0 Palladium

Captchas recognized by Xrumer 5.0 Palladium
02 09 2009

XRumer 5.09 Palladium

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Change lis of XRumer 5.09 Palladium

+ Added new AntiSpam System!!!
+ The program is taught to new graphic captcha and more than 550 new text captcha;
+ Gmail registration is fixed;
+ Databases are updated;

+ Xrumer is taught to register on new engines DLE, Ukoz, d_symb, mambook, Bitrix, Xaraya and other without name;
+ ManualDecaptcha is worked out;
+ In debug mode was added FormFields, where XRumer reports about filling the fields;
+ Success rate is increased on php-Nuke, SMF sites;
+ Checking for active links option was worked out;
+ The bug at opening the file xas_AI.txt was fixed;
+ Increase the success rate at posting in the database RLinksList (Question-Answer System)
+ Mass-PM function was worked out and increased the success posting;
+ New 2 services for decoding capctha (anti-aptcha.com, captchabot.com) was added. Success rate is much bigger with this service;
+ Posting in blogs Drupal is added. It’s recommended to use Gmail email account;
+ Activation links via email is worked out and improved;
+ Implemented the control of file syntax of xurl.txt;
+ Interface is worked out;
+ Posting on WIKI is improved; the posting is made in section “Discussion”;
+ In “Links database analysis” was added the option to gather links on topics with reply to your posts; search of replies can be made with #gennick;
+ Improved monitoring of automatically email activation;
+ Report of submitting in “Registering only” mode is improved; Success rate is increased in this mode;
+ Stability of work is improved;
+ Proxy/SOCKS checking script on Botmaster's server is fixed;
+ If email registration was unsuccessful the software will save a report so you’ll be able to determine the cause of failure;
+ The logic of parsing of content was corrected;
+ Processing of redirection is improved;
+ The help file is updated;


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