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Release of New Hrefer 3.1

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Hrefer 3.0
- New function of creating of new/empty database of Words Database button Create new!
- Expanded the option of parsing, anonymity, interface
- The possibility of parsing simultaneously several search engines was added
- Parsing of Google was fixed and improved
- In debug mode (the number of threads = 1) logs are stored now separately for each query and each page
- Statistic in the "Words Database" tab is displayed in real time, during the parsing
- The procedure to save the new link to the database is optimized
- The option for filtering of duplicates proxies/SOCKS was added.
- Added support of masks type [...]part_of_link[...] for setting NextPage
- Was added the parameter RemoveLinks for deleting links from content that interfere in correct parsing
- Saving of option "Reject domains with level lower than 2" was fixed
- Usage of SOCKS is fixed
- Collecting of words, when enabled SOCKS is fixed
- Parsing of Google Mobile is fixed
- PR checking is improved
- Changing to next page at parsing Bing was fixed
- System of auto update in menu Help->Check for updates was added
- Parsing of Altavista was fixed (this search engine was bought by Yahoo)
- Added 2 different modes of simultaneous parsing of multiple search engines.
- For Google parsing was added the possibility to sort the results by time : Past day, Past week etc
- Updated googlehost.txt

Hrefer 3.1
- removed the limit of collecting 10.000 proxy / SOCKS
- parsing of Blogs.Yandex was added
- maximal number of threads was increased from 500 to 1000 (but we dont recommend to set the maximum number of threads)
- the work with banned proxies was improved
- some options of processing threads was optimized

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