04 12 2011

Hrefer 3.85

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New options added in Hrefer 3.85 Professional:
was added new search engine Baidu.com
was added several clones of Google (Google Clone) like: verizon.net, charter.net, search.orange.co.uk, sky.com. Search engines are using Google search API but do not ban by IP. Its possible to parse without proxies and without delay, with inurl: and other queries.

list of google datacenters was updated googlehost.txt

error at update of file engines.ini was fixed.

Access Violation error was fixed. This error could appear at incorrect/empty engines.ini file

There were attempts to make available support of UTF-format for Words and Additive Words, but it will need to rewrite the modules of loading and change some default functions, but this will take extra time.

About clone of Google: search engine used is operating under license of Google, that mean its absolutely identical to the issue, but not bans by IP and does not need to enter the captcha. It is not excluded the fact that after a while it will introduce some restriction (possible through the day, can in a month or two), but these search engines in dozens of networks, so it's not a problem.
06 07 2011

Hrefer 3.5

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List of changes:

+ completely changed algorithm of parsing of search engines, according to this speed of parsing was significantly increased, and chance of receiving google ban reduced (but not totally excluded, that’s why you need to use more proxies and delays in parisng)
+ updated user_agent's list
+ updated list of google datacenters in googlehost.txt
+ now Hrefer better simulates Browsers and manual parsing, and this have reduced possibility of search engine ban for bot-parsing
+ in filed Query (engines.ini) where added macros #random – it adds random number from 1 to 1000
+ updated parsing mechanism of Yandex and Google


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16 10 2010

Release of New Hrefer 3.1

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Hrefer 3.0
- New function of creating of new/empty database of Words Database button Create new!
- Expanded the option of parsing, anonymity, interface
- The possibility of parsing simultaneously several search engines was added
- Parsing of Google was fixed and improved
- In debug mode (the number of threads = 1) logs are stored now separately for each query and each page
- Statistic in the "Words Database" tab is displayed in real time, during the parsing
- The procedure to save the new link to the database is optimized
- The option for filtering of duplicates proxies/SOCKS was added.
- Added support of masks type [...]part_of_link[...] for setting NextPage
- Was added the parameter RemoveLinks for deleting links from content that interfere in correct parsing
- Saving of option "Reject domains with level lower than 2" was fixed
- Usage of SOCKS is fixed
- Collecting of words, when enabled SOCKS is fixed
- Parsing of Google Mobile is fixed
- PR checking is improved
- Changing to next page at parsing Bing was fixed
- System of auto update in menu Help->Check for updates was added
- Parsing of Altavista was fixed (this search engine was bought by Yahoo)
- Added 2 different modes of simultaneous parsing of multiple search engines.
- For Google parsing was added the possibility to sort the results by time : Past day, Past week etc
- Updated googlehost.txt

Hrefer 3.1
- removed the limit of collecting 10.000 proxy / SOCKS
- parsing of Blogs.Yandex was added
- maximal number of threads was increased from 500 to 1000 (but we dont recommend to set the maximum number of threads)
- the work with banned proxies was improved
- some options of processing threads was optimized

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