07 07 2011

Contest of tutorials

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1st place – USD 5500
2nd place – USD 2500
3rd place – USD 1200

4 place – USD 500
5 place – USD 200
6 place – USD 100

Info from BotmasterLabs:
We begin a contest of tutorial articles to help you to discover more opportunities of usage of XRumer software, as well as to earn extra money.
The contest begins on July 10, 2011 and will finish on September 1, 2011. It is enough time to receive a lot of topics for contest. Meanwhile, it will appear topics about new versions of XRumer and Hrefer. The most important fact is to use advanced and actualized information and about latest version of software.
The aim of this contest is to discover new opportunities of usage of our programs Xrumer 7.0 Elite and Hrefer. Also to improve skills of our customers.

Start of contest: July 10, 2011
Finish of contest: September 1, 2011



22 12 2010

Free Xrumer Mods

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Some free mods for Xrumer by one of its users:

drupal-x-bomber.zip [40.72 Kb] (Count: 623)
elgg.zip [781.95 Kb] (Count: 530)
moodle-profileblog-attack.zip [48.97 Kb] (Count: 454)
pligg.zip [34.65 Kb] (Count: 599)
tracticketenc.zip [795.83 Kb] (Count: 410)

To buy Xrumer Click: HERE
21 12 2010

New official site of Xrumer (Botmaster)

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New Official site of Xrumer now is: www.botmasterlabs.net
So you can visit it to download free XRumer Demo or to Buy full version of Xrumer
04 12 2010

Solving problem with Botmaster Site

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Botmasternet.com site was suspended by spamhaus and it's not working at the moment, but there is a simple solution how u can make to work it for you,
This is solution from botmaster support:

Add to hosts file this lines on all PC's where u are running xrumer or wanna access web site: botmasternet.com www.botmasternet.com

Usually hosts file is situated here:

Here is the manual how to edit hosts file on Windows Vista or Windows 7

On other versions of Windows it can be edited without any problems with notepad

After this manipulations u'll be able to access Botmasternet.com site and to download Demo or to purchase full version of Xrumer
29 10 2009

How to Find a Profitable Niche

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Having a profitable niche is key to success, not only are you looking for a keyword with traffic, but you’re looking for a keyword with value. By value, I mean money is being spent in the niche. If money is not being spent by businesses, customers, and advertisers; then there is no money to be made. There are multiple methods to judge the value of the niche and as you get more advanced you start to have a “feeling” about keywords and customer intent. If you’re new to internet marketing, and looking for a niche topic, the wisdom is not there to help you select a niche. In that case, there is a very simple methodology that you can use to find a valuable keyword.

The simplest method is to use advertising data from Google Adwords. They provide you with the CPC an advertiser is willing to spend and the volume of searches. This simple price and demand data gives you a reasonable estimate of a niche’s “worth”. Of course, this is not 100% accurate, since no keyword tool is. This is an estimate, but Google provide solid data.
29 10 2009

Free Keyword Research Tools

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Keywords are the words users enter when performing a search. Understanding how people search and what phrases they use to search is an important part of SEO. There are services that track search data and use the data to provide estimations of search volume. This information can be used to find keywords that are actually searched and to compare search volumes between two keywords.

Keyword research provides a more efficient way to write copy for a website. If you randomly think of keywords, you have no idea how much the keyword is searched or how high the competition is for that keyword. The best approach is to research keywords and the competition for that keyword and make an informed choice on the keywords you’re going to target.
29 10 2009

Long Tail Keywords

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Before you start working with keywords, it is important to understand the concept of the long tail, which is an economy theory that tries to explain modern economics. It covers the concepts of what happens when shelf space is unlimited and people are allowed to expand into niches. The internet provides almost unlimited niches which sit at the tail of the long tail graph. These are focused niches with low competition. These long tail niches can be easily targeted for great gains.