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New Xrumer 12.0.19 IS OUT!

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List of changes and improvements in XRumer 12.0.19 Elite

+ the program was trained to new 4800 text captcha
+ the database of trusted forums was updated for new textual captchas:

  • TrustedLinksFull.txt
  • TrustedLinksChecked.txt

+ also was added new databases for profile registration:

  • All_Profiles_10_2016.txt
  • All_Profiles_10_2016_Hardcaptchas.txt
  • All_Topics_10_2016.txt
  • NotRus_Profiles_10_2016.txt
  • Rus_Profiles_10_2016.txt
  • RusNoUcoz_Profiles_10_2016.txt

significantly was improved the success rate for these engines:

  • VBulletin 5 (footprint "VBulletin 5")
  • Bitrix (footprint "inurl:?commentId=")
  • Ucoz

+ adjusted the warning messages in Project editing window;
+ at saving Project, recommendation to use #gennick will not appear repeatedly;
+ the function of Project preview was adjusted, in case if in file #file_links is used UTF-8 encoding;
+ now at usage of semi-automatic mode of captcha decoding or external captcha decoding services in subfolder \Debug\...\ are saved not only the images but also full links to source of captcha (for future analyze);
+ in xmessages.txt was added new parameter “MAIL_MARKER” – to enter email instead of username at login form;
+ now is possible to switch off automatic enabling of option “Autocontinue”, just to change the parameter "AutocontinueEnable=1" to "AutocontinueEnable=0" in xuser.ini file (in section [AdvOptions]);
+ updated \Antispam\badwords.txt file;
+ Some parts of course code was optimized;
+ the possibilities of “CheckUnknownCaptchas” option from xuser.ini file was expanded;
+ it was adjusted the mechanism of Mods encoding;
+ xpop.txt file was updated;
+ in reports was increased amount of saved links to profiles
+ frames processing was improved and optimized;
+ processing of AJAX-redirects was improved;
+ some bugs in links processing was fixed;
+ bypass of JS-protections on Ucoz was improved.


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