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XRumer 12.0.9 vs XRumer 12.0.8

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Dear webmasters!

1. Good news for all who plan to purchase SEO/SMM-programs "XRumer + SocPlugin", but have not decided yet:
From December 1st you can get Christmas discounts for all our products:

"XRumer 12 Lite": (Old price $290) NOW - $190
"XRumer 12 Standard": (Old price $650) NOW - $450
"XRumer 12 Business": (Old price $900) NOW - $700

All updates are for free.

2. Also we have a great news for owners of our programs:
Glad to announce a new Xrumer 12.0.9, a main feature of which is high success rate in trusted recourses (which contain textcaptchas - very popular method of antibot-protection).

As many of our clients know, last month was finished contest on collective training Xrumer to textual captcha. As results of this contest, success rate has multiplied on those forums, blogs and guestbooks, where are used such type of protection. And like last year, we have made a comparative test, in order to demonstrate the advantages of new version (it?s under working, and will be available for download next week).

In this test, was used same database, same message for posting in both old and new versions of XRumer.
The difference is in promoted domains: version 12.0.8 was promoted domain datingpalace.net, and version 12.0.9 - domain datingpalace.org.
These one-day domains was registered exclusively for this test, so there cannot be traffic a priori.
Posting process for both XRumer versions was made in 2 steps:
November 30, was used ?Only registration? mode
And on December 1 ? ?Posting on behalf of previous registered user?.
Source data for posting can be downloaded here:
Database used
Source projects - almost similar to the previous.

On December 1, 2014 , as results of posting we got following:
XRumer 12.0.9 vs XRumer 12.0.8

99% of traffic is from forums.
High scores indicate that post were posted on trusted, very popular and the main fact on non-spammed recourses. Links to them will be very useful for promotion in search engines. Besides, on such recourses it makes sense to use modes "Mass-PM" and "Antispam".
At the end of test, the counter was removed from sites.

Resulting material can be downloaded here:
Reports XRumer 12.0.8 Elite
Reports XRumer 12.0.9 Elite

Screenshot of statistic on datingpalace.net ( promoted using version 12.0.8 )
Screenshot of statistic on datingpalace.org ( promoted using version 12.0.9 )
Screenshot XRumer 12.0.9 during posting
Video of statistic on datingpalace.org

P.S. In this month will start new Contest of articles, that will help to release the full power of our software?s latest versions.
P.P.S. At Christmas we also preparing some interesting gifts, that will significantly extend possibilities of usage of "XRumer + SocPlugin + Hrefer + ..."

XRumer 12.0.9 vs XRumer 12.0.8






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