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XRumer 12 is out!!!

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List of changes and improvements in XRumer 12.0.1

The software was trained to new graphical captcha:

+ After contest of collective training to textual captcha, the program was trained to more than 70.000 new textual captcha
+ Besides of that, the software was trained to more than 5000 new Select-captcha

+ Updated automatic email registration on Hotmail.com, Mail.ru, Yandex.ru
+ Decoding of simplified form of ReCaptcha was significantly improved
+ Optimized basic procedure of recognition of some graphical captcha
+ Optimized processing of redirects
+ Improved the logging of debug information in Debug mode
+ Added the possibility to enable debug mode at multithreading posting. For this, set parameter MassDebug=1 in section [AdvOptions] in file xuser.ini
+ Restored the possibility to select method of viewing of reports. It can be accesses from Report settings
+ Optimized change of interface language
+ Implemented new control panel in main window of program
+ Authorization procedure was simplified. No need to open port “7777”. Moreover, authorization system now does not depend on settings from Internet Explorer

+ Optimized Mass-PM mode
+ In xmessages.txt was added a footprint “PM_CANTGET”, notifying that user cannot receive PM because his Inbox folder is full.
+ Now, the program can be monitored in system tray
+ The program is trained to latest version of DLE-capctha
+ The program was optimized for stable work on multicore and multiple CPU systems

+ Bug report now can be generated from “Information” menu
+ File xpop.txt was modified
+ New macros #rnd_topic and #rnd_user was added, which adds in the message text a random topic and a random nickname from current forum
+ In Project window was added additional checking to avoid user’s mistakes
+ For more convenient search of additional masks for xpop.txt was improved logging in reports POP_Logs.txt
+ The software was trained to new javascript protection like DDoS Guard, ddn_intercept etc.
+ The processing of decoding of ReCaptcha using HTTPS was corrected

+ Corrected the processing of macros #random[a..z,0..9] (before it was generating only numbers).
+ Intelligent recognition algorithm for multiple textual capctha was implemented
+ New algorithm of decoding of new select-protections was implemented, whereby was increased the success rate on phpBB
+ improved bypass of ReCaptcha on some sites – "Please complete the security check to access" (CloudFlare)
+ the file textcaptcha_multinames.txt was modified.

+ fixed the error “Range Check Error”, appearing sometimes in authorization system.
+ added the algorithm to bypass the textual captcha at topic creation on SMF (processing fields post_vv[q][...])
+ proxy checking script is available to us again from our servers.

+ Adjusted xurl.txt
+ corrected a bug from Database analyzer tool, for some reason it didn’t processed correctly domains with numbers
+ improved success rate on recourses *.myforum.ro and *.altervista.org
+ adjusted the resize of main window
+ added automatic saving of last email service used in project
+ increased success rate on engine Datsogallery


NOTE: Now, were added 3 types of licenses: “Lite", “Standard" and "Business".




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