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Soon! XRumer 12

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As result of latest contest of training to textual captcha, same as implementing of new and important adjustments the efficiency and success rate of new version are much better. This can be revealed in our comparison test between previous version 7.7.49 and new version of XRumer 12.0

In new version XRumer 12.0 are added more than 60.000 textual captcha, more than 5.000 “select”-protection, more than 40 new graphical captcha, added algorithms to bypass some JS-protections.
In order to confirm increase of efficiency, as last year, was made a special comparative test. Same database with same message for posting was used in both versions of XRumer(old and new)

Message for posting in both versions was identical, just in version 7.7.49 was promoted domain datingathome.net and in version 12.0 – domain datingonhome.net.

Nothing original was used in text message. We have used similar text like on last year test. On many forums it caused passionate discussions on several pages (before the admins have guessed what was happening). Note, in new version was used new macros #random_topic and #random_user, which led to further discussion of topics offered - and as a result, an additional increase of traffic.

Submitting in both versions was made in 2 steps: on November 6 was made submitting in “Registering only” mode and on November 7 – “Posting on behalf of a previously registered user”, in order to increase the percentage of posted topics, because on many forums is forbidden to create theme for new registered users.

Databases for posting can be downloaded here:

After posting, on November 7, 2013 year, the result was as follows:

During posting was used list of high trusted resources that had textual captcha and select protection as security at registration. Previous version does no longer manage them because does not contain in database. All traffic received during the test are direct traffic from forum, but posting with XRumer first of all is needed to get backlinks and not for direct traffic. To have a big amount of traffic shows that resources are alive, visited and well listed in search engines. Experienced webmasters know very well how important it is to have backlinks from the trusted and often indexed sites.

Our test additionally confirmed well-known truth:

1) how important always to have up to date and most recent version of this kind of software
2) 1 topic/profile on trusted non-spammed recourse can get more benefits than 100 topic/links from spammed recourse.

Reports of test can be downloaded here:

Report of XRumer 7.7.749 Elite

Report of XRumer 12.0 Elite

Screenshot of statistic from datingathome.net (promoted by version 7.7.49)
Screenshot of statistic from datingonhome.net (promoted by version 12.0)

Why next version is 12 and not 8?

New XRumer is number 12 only for marketing reasons. Since, it is more effective comparing with previous version not only with 10-20%, but in dozens of times. Many users assume that a minor change in version’s number - as unimportant change in the functional. It is a psychological moment. Anyway, no matter what number next version will have - the main thing is the functionality and efficiency of it.





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