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XRumer 7.7.46 Elite

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List of changes and improvements from XRumer 7.7.46 Elite

ATTENTION: This update will be valuable especially for those who are planning to take part at the 3rd Contest for training to textual captcha with prize fund of $18,000.
At the moment we started a tested variant (without cash bonuses – only testing).

For this contest was made a number of improvements in Self-learning tool:

  • Significantly optimized process of cache loading Log_tc.txt
  • Added the ability to quickly search for answer in Google
  • Added warning message in case of sending of incorrect textual captcha
  • Improved detection of text of question for fields with random component.
  • With enabled option “Send textual captcha to Botmaster Labs server” the results of training to textual captcha are not saved in local file. To avoid leak of information from final results of the upcoming contest.
  • Automatically adjustment of random fields at saving the results was implemented. For example the field “answer_3dk618” will be saved and automatically changed to “answer_*” (which is equivalently to “answer_!RANDOM”)
  • Added option “Filter the cache by tc_domains.txt” to clean database by domains which was already added on server.
  • Increased the limits of numbers of textual captcha displayed in the table.
  • Completed textcaptcha_forbidden.txt

+ updated list of HTTP-proxies in file \proxyc\list.txt
+ improved success rate at Bitrix (the main condition – the link to comment should contain "commentId=")
+ also improved success rate in AmiroCMS
+ improved algorithm of decoding of emails in base64 format
+ updated email registration on mail.ru
+ Corrected a bug that occurs when using macros # file_links
+ improved decoding of ReCaptcha at registration on Joomla engine
+ Improved decoding of ReCaptcha via javascript "Recaptcha.create(...)"
+ In Self-learning repeatedly optimized process of uploading logs
+ Improved syntax checking xurl.txt





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