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XRumer 7.0.10 Elite

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The most important improvement is increasing % of success rate of ReCaptcha decoding. In this way success rate of posting on sites with recaptcha protections is also increased.

• The program is trained to several simple graphical captcha:

Added more than 20000 new textual captcha. Now it’s almost 43 000 captcha in database (see “Events logs” after starting the software). All new captchas are downloaded automatically at XRumer start.
• Was modified textcaptcha.txt, textcaptcha_adv.txt, textcaptcha_forbidden.txt
• The % of links saved in RLinksList and ELinksList was increased.
• In case of problem with email downloading details can be seen in “Events logs”.
• Fixed a bug with the wrongly clicking "Refresh" button on phpBB forums
• Fixed auto-choosing of country at registration for some types of VBulletin, so success rate of posting in VBulletin is increased.
• Fixed bug at decoding of graphical captcha, which may cause unstable work and high CPU usage.
• Handling of error "503 Service Unavailable" was improved.
• Same for error “400 Bad Request”
• File xurl.txt was updated
• Software was trained to process new engine ExpressionEngine
• In file MakeToIndex.ini was added rules for ExpressionEngine
• Success rate for engine *.mojeforum.net was improved (bypass Java protection and honeypot fields).
• Opening of self-learning tool during posting it is forbidden, to avoid internal errors.
• Software is trained to post on new engine with footprints inurl:/pages/forum-thread-form
• Fixed bug with multiple “/./” in reports and RLinksList, ELinksList databases.
• Fixed bug with of CPU when in macros #file when in file name is used variation.
• It’s possible to use macros and variations within the filename in macros #file_links, but for this name of file should be under coma ””, example: #file_links["C:\Files\MyFile{1|2|3}.txt",1,N]
• Fixed the bug in "Delete row in the table" from drop-down menu from self-learning tool
• Program additionally trained to several types of randomly textual captcha ("Spam Protection ...").
• Program also is trained to bypass complicate Drupal textual captcha.
• Success rate for guestbooks with footprints *.pledgepage.org/guestbook.php?insert=1
• Improved processing of Pligg engine (but it’s not ideal, it requires some improvements)
• In Self-learning toll was added possibility to import/export table of textual captcha from drop down menu.
• Added the possibility to comment entries in textcaptcha_adv.txt file through {…}, similar to xurl.txt
• In Self-learning tool was added buttons "Information" (shows information what exactly rules was used to recognize this textual captcha), "Ignore" (to be able to enter an alternative answer), and "Abuse" (if the program identified wrongly answer to this textual captcha)
• In xmessages.txt file was added a flag “MAXLOGIN=…”, used for limiting registered login, if it’s needed.
• Procedure of adding of new textual captcha and procedure of decoding was optimized in self-learning tool. It is important to understand that editing of any XRumer files during of software work is strictly not recommended.
• Improved posting of signature and saving profiles on MyBB
• Improved bypass protections, which is using "display: none;" footprint.
• Processing of Vbulletin was worked out.
• Implemented new way of bypassing ReCaptcha-block
• Implemented the way of bypassing select-textual captcha used on phpBB3


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